About Me

Tyler Dew also know as, TyBarberSign on social media is a professional licensed barber that’s been in the hair industry for over 5 years. Once after graduating high school then barber college, Ty had moved out of a small town (Merced CA.) to a big city (Sacramento CA.). Causing him to start fresh with little to no clients. 

With capturing his talents on a camera then posting to social media platforms. Ty was able to build a platform over 180k (Instagram) followers and 16k (YouTube) subscribers allowing him to have an over flow of clientele and a platform to create other business opportunities out of. Through Ty’s success with social media and skills behind a barber chair. He gives his students the opportunity to his blue print to be successful behind the barber chair and more through his online academy. 

CEO of BarberSignProductions, Ty is here to give you the most rare experience there is with barbering in his private hair studio. Ty lives by F.I.Q. Meaning with each services comes with a F.I.Q.  (F)ocus (I)ntegrity (Q)uality. So who needs a F.I.Q. cut?